After The Set, It's The Afterparty is the fourteenth episode of Season 2.


Maurice brings in an old friend and regional promoter, Natalie, to help put the artists of Midtown Sound on the map. Competition and jealousy rise among the artists on their first gig as a collective, while Andy struggles with his dreams versus his parents' expectations. Alex and Noah finally get Star's approval, but the relationship is tested by a run-in with groupies. Meanwhile, Cassie offers Miss Bruce a job and Cotton makes a life-changing discovery about her past.


  • In this episode, we meet Andy's parents and find out that he is adopted.
  • Derek begins his relationship with his physical therapist, Mariela .
  • Cotton talks to the mother of her child.
  • Cassie returns and hits on Maurice and Andy.
  • We meet Maurice Jetter's ex, Natalie Knight, who is the new promoter for the tour.
  • Star and Andy clash in this episode because of race.
  • Simone reveals that she is considering having sex with Angel.
  • Jackson Ellis joins the tour as a Roadie.
  • When Jackson reveals to Star that Andy sabotaged Take Three's performance, she takes matters into her own hands and slashes Andy's tires. Andy, enraged by this, goes to confront Star and Jackson, and Star threatens him with the knife she used to slash his tires. Angel and Simone argue with each other because Simone didn't stop her sister from slashing Andy's tires and Angel calls Star a bitch, and Simone says that is the last time he's going to call her that.
  • Jahil tells Carlotta that he has heart problems.
  • Alex and Noah begin their relationship and a college groupie continues to pursue Noah. Alex tells her to leave and Star throws her phone at the groupie's head.
  • Andy gets fired from the internship program by Maurice.
  • When Angel and Andy are discussing what happened, Simone comes to talk to Angel, and Andy attempts to apologize, which Simone doesn't accept. Simone and Angel make up and she says that one day she'll tell him about what she's been through, and Angel says that he'll be there when she's ready.
  • Cotton tells her parents about her son.
  • Derek walks over to Mariela with a walker and Ms. Ruby finds out about Derek's settlement check.

Featured Songs

  • Be Somebody
  • Come And Talk To Me
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