Simone: Why are you laughing Alex?
Alex: I've never been in a fight before!

Alemone (Alex/ Simone) is the friendship pairing between Alexandra Crane and Simone Davis in the television show STAR ON Fox.


In Pilot, Simone didn't like Alex for some unknown reason. Even though Alex knew that Simone didn't like her, she still helped her get herself together before they performed "I Can Be".

In The Devil You Know, she looks concerned when Simone asks for her weed.

In Next Of Kin, Alex is seen with Star waiting for news on Simone. She also helps Star break Simone out of the hospital.

In Code of Silence, Alex tries to protect Simone from Otis by taking her home. When Simone refuses to go home with her and Alex loses track of her, she stalks Otis for her.

In New Voices, Alex supports Simone in doing "Unlove You", even though Star is totally against the idea.

In Infamous, Simone sticks up for Alex when Star tries to psych her out. Simone also helps Alex to blend in with everyone who is going to be at Uncle Cross' birthday barbecue. When Star takes Alex's solo, Simone takes Alex's side and dosen't talk to Star.

In Black Wherever I Go, Simone and Alex sit next to each other at Danielle's funeral. They also attend the rally together.

In Mamas Boy, Simone is seen worrying about Alex at Derek's arraignment.

In Alibi, Alex writes the song "Long Way Home" for Simone.

In Saving Face, Simone is very supportive of Alex when she tells her that she is pregnant, and even offers to babysit and give it braids like Derek.

In The Winner Takes It All, Alex looks concerned for Simone, when she and Star catch her smoking weed.

In FUA... Good Night!, Simone worries about Alex and her lashing out.

In It Ain't Over, Simone and Alex look at each other and laugh after Star chokes out Rachel.

in May The Best Manager Win, Alex takes Simone's side of forgiveness, even against Star's will.

In Climax, Alex is disappointed in Simone for using again.

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