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Andy Smith was a recurring character on the television show STAR on Fox. He is portrayed by Elijah Kelley. He was the former assistant to Ayanna Floyd before forming a singing duo with Angel Rivera with his uncle Jahil Rivera as their manager. Eventually, Jahil's shadiness becomes too much for the both of them and they decide to break up in order to get out of their contract with him. He finds himself in a position where he is in need of money. So, he gets involved with Carlotta's younger sister, Cassie who is deeply involved in illegal activities. The two begin a sexual relationship and she offers him money in exchange for running some "errands" for her. Desperate, he steals a huge wad of cash from her which in turn cause Cassie to want him dead. Cassie sends her hitmen to kill him in a drive-by shooting. But, Jahil shields him from the bullet and is hit. Jahil is rushed to the hospital where he dies after surgery due to his bad heart. Andy is seen in tears after Carlotta informs everyone of Jahil's demise. Andy runs into Cassie outside of the church at Jahil's funeral. She tells him she will not give up; he better give her the money or he will be next. Andy tells Carlotta the truth about Jahil's death and she sends him off into hiding where Cassie will never find him. Unfortunately, he returns to Atlanta to have Cassie catch him. She has him tortured with the intent on finally killing him, but she relents and lets him live provided that he never returns to Atlanta. But, her hitman did not get the message and begins chasing Andy. He runs away despite being weak and gets hit by a car. He somehow makes it to Carlotta's house and dies in her arms as she cries.



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