Simone: Why do you want to sing?
Angel: Takes away the painful thoughts. Makes me forget. What about you?
Simone: Me too.
Simone and Angel in A House Divided

Sangel ('"S'"imone/"'Angel'")is the friendship/romantic pairing between Angel Rivera and Simone Davis on STAR.


  • The pairing first starts in A House Divided when Angel asks Simone if she wants to rehearse with him, which was part of his plan to get one of the girls from Take Three to fall for him.
  • It is revealed that Angel had a drug problem, just as Simone did previously.
  • They were dance partners in the performance I Want You.
  • They almost kissed.
  • Angel is the first male friend Simone has made on the show.
  • Angel and Simone have their first kiss in Take It To Church after they reveal their feelings for one another.
  • Angel agreed to marry Simone in Take It To Church to prevent Simone from going back to juvie, and so the two are now married.
  • Simone calls Angel her family in Dreamers.
  • Simone dreams of having a wedding with Angel in Forward (E)Motion.
  • They are both considering having sex with each other.
  • Simone tells Angel about Otis, making him the first person she's been in a relationship with who knows about Otis.
  • Angel tells Simone that he loves her.
  • They almost have their first time together.
  • Simone tells Angel that she fell in love with him.
  • Simone leaves Atlanta to be with Angel in the Dominican Republic.
  • Simone returns to Atlanta leaving Angel behind
  • Angel sneaks back into the United States to be with Simone in Roots and Wings
  • Simone and Angel have sex for the first time in Zion



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