Climax is episode 9 and the fall finale of Season 2


Noah wins the showcase, but Ayanna is stripped of her company after incriminating photos are sent to her father. Derek breaks up with Alex after catching her making out with Noah. Angel finds Jahil close to death from cocaine abuse. Cotton's ex-boyfriend Omari seemingly kills her in a fit of rage. The salon burns down in a fire, and an injured Carlotta is informed that someone died in the blaze.


  • Star threatens Ayanna with a gun after she finds out that she gave Simone pills.
  • Omari seemingly kills Cotton after she refuses to be with him.
  • Angel finds Jahil almost dead after Jahil snorts too much cocaine after he is fired by Andy and Angel.
  • Simone and Karen begin their relationship again and Simone tells her that she can stay in the salon.
  • Miss Bruce is fired by Carlotta for giving illegal cosmetic surgery in the salon.
  • Noah and Alex almost have sex backstage at the showcase, and Derek breaks up with her.
  • There is a fire in Carlotta's salon and someone dies in the blaze.


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