The relationship between Derek Jones and Alex Crane began at the very beginning of the series. They met when the girls found Carlotta at her church. They were eating at the church picnic after service when Derek who lives with his grandmother next door to Carlotta, comes handing out flyers for his "Black Lives Matter" Campaign. He tells Carlotta he wants her to be involved with it. He looks into Alex's eyes and smiles at her before leaving. In The Devil You Know, Alex and Derek have sex for the first time. But, their newfound attraction is strained when it is revealed that Alex lied to everyone about her parents. Alex's parents criticize her for her relationship with Derek and for her dreams. They want her to come back with them to New York. But, instead she gives tells them that they don't own her anymore and gives them back her credit cards. She also tells her alcoholic mother, Rose to seek help. After she leaves the restaurant, Derek is out there waiting for her and begs her not to leave him. Their relationship is strained yet again when Derek is in an accident and is put in a wheelchair. Alex also informs Derek that she is pregnant with his child. Although a little worried because of his injury, he is happy to be a father. But, Alex not wanting to take care of Derek as well as a baby, gets an abortion and then lies to Derek and to everyone else and says that she had a miscarriage. Of course, Derek is furious when he finds out and kicks her out, though eventually forgives her. But, their relationship is strained yet again for the final time when Alex develops an attraction to Noah. She shares a kiss with him and even fantasizes about him while she is in bed with Derek. They officially break up after Derek watches the Midtown Sound Showcase and watches Alex and Noah share yet another kiss onstage after their song together and then rolled in on them making out backstage. Derek, teary-eyed and heartbroken, tells Alex that she needs to find somewhere else to stay and rolls out leaving Alex heartbroken over hurting Derek. Derek later starts a relationship with his physical therapist, Mariela. After seeing the two of them together and seeing Derek move his foot, she runs away and burst into tears. Alex realizes that she can't keep blaming herself for what happened to Derek or holding herself back to spare his feelings anymore. That night, in Angel's RV, Alex finally succumbs to her feelings and has sex with Noah. The next day they make there relationship official and public. But, their relationship ends when Noah begins drinking again. Alex tells him that he is just like her mother and tells him to leave. Afterwards, she runs straight to Derek and tells him that she broke up with Noah and that she has become her father. She always has to go looking for something new when the perfect thing is sitting right in front of her. She makes it pretty clear that she wants him back. But, he declines saying that things are easy with Mariela. She doesn't lie to him like Alex has in the past. Heartbroken and feeling like there's nothing left for her in Atlanta, she tells Derek about how she's leaving for New York tomorrow to confront her father so that she can finally let go of this pain. The next day, as Alex is leaving, Derek realizes he still loves Alex and can't live without her and so he runs after her through the airport. Alex's plane crashes and many are killed including an Alex Crane superfan sitting next to her named Bianca. Derek is relieved to know that she she survived and after she recovers the two begin dating again and are currently together. But, their relationship was a little bit strained due to the fact that Derek was secretly working as a criminal informant so he could finally find out who raped his grandmother. He didn't tell Alex because he knew she wouldn't approve. She began to believe that Derek was having an affair as payback for her cheating on him with Noah. She was completely convinced that Derek was cheating when he walked into Cassie's club to find him kissing another woman and ran away in tears. But what she didn't realize was that the woman was an undercover cop who Derek was working with and the kiss was just an act. Eventually, after his grandmother managed to confront and poison the guy who raped her, Derek came clean and told Alex everything. He told her about the undercover work and explained that the woman was a cop and that the kiss wasn't real. Derek tells Alex that he truly does love her. Alex forgives Derek and they hug and reconcile. The two are engaged as Alex proposed to Derek in the episode The Reckoning and Derek happily accepted. Derek and Alex are happily married in When The Levee Breaks. However, a lot of bad luck comes at them from all directions. The night before, Olivia got out of the institution and decided to get revenge on Alex by ruining her wedding. So she pretended to be Alex, blindfolded Derek and did some unspeakable acts in bed with him and then left saying "See you at the wedding". After Derek and Alex say "I do", at the reception, Olivia pops up, takes the mic and begins to make a mocking toast. When Derek confronts her she tries to manipulate Alex into thinking Derek cheated by saying "Especially after what we did last night". But Alex doesn't believe her and punches Olivia in the face hard. Then the gang members who worked for the man who raped Ruby had killed her and then showed up at the wedding. After Olivia walked away, they began shooting rapidly. Mateo was shot, Angel was shot, much to Simone's devastation, and Cassie was shot trying to protect Carlotta. But thankfully, both and Alex and Derek were unharmed.