Dreamers is the twelfth episode of Season 2. It aired on April 11.


Rapper Quavo is recruited to join Midtown Sound, which causes drama with Noah, who is still harboring ill feelings towards him from their past. Meanwhile, secrets about Angel's family are revealed when his mother, Paola returns. Then, Arlene's twin sister, Charlene visits Atlanta to learn the truth about her sister's death, and Star has a revelation about her mother's final days .


  • Rapper Quavo appears in this episode.
  • Simone reveals that she married Angel to Carlotta, Cotton and Star.
  • Angel's mother pays a visit.
  • It is revealed by Angel's mother, Paola, that Angel isn't Jahil's actual nephew and is an undocumented immigrant.
  • It is revealed that Star accidentally made her mother overdose after giving her what she thought was medicine, when it was actually drugs.
  • Brody Dean is killed in this episode by Arlene's twin, Charlene.
Preview- What Was Our Little Secret? - Season 2 Ep

Preview- What Was Our Little Secret? - Season 2 Ep. 12 - STAR

Featured Songs

  • Lifetime
  • Spotlight
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