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Eva is a beautiful Dominican girl whom Jahil saves from a trafficking ring. He later discovers that she is an amateur singer, and has plans to take Star's place as the lead singer in his girl group.

Season 1

Eva is first seen when Jahil takes a job to deliver a van full of girls to a trafficking ring. She later shows up at his house claiming that she doesn't know any English and that she knew Jahil was a good man when he let her and the other girls go. Originally everyone thought she was Jahil's niece. Through most the season she acts innocent and makes everyone think that she doesn't know any English, but soon her true, manipulative nature is revealed when Jahil hears her singing in the shower after which she says "Hell yeah, he'll love that."

Eva and Jahil then begin a sexual relationship which drives Jahil to manage Eva as well as the girl group.

Jahil then adds Eva to Big Trouble after she takes Star's place during a performance at the police station. He says that she brings "Latin flavor." Eva's fluent English is later revealed to the girls, causing them to lose their trust in her which in turn, brings out Eva's true colors.

Eva performs with the girls as a quartet up until their final performance before the Atlanta NextFest event, where Simone discovers that she and Jahil tricked the girls into letting Eva stay in the group using a phony laywer that Jahil hired.

One night, Jahil is arrested for the murder of Otis Leecan after an anonymous tipper phoned the police. It is later revealed that Eva was this 'anonymous tipper,' and she puts her plan to become a solo artist in motion.

Shortly after Alexandra learns that she is pregnant, Eva informs Big Boi, the girls' potential new manager, whom decides not to take on Big Trouble and instead signs Eva on for a solo contract. Leaving the group on such short notice, the girls are forced to perform at the final concert before NextFest without Eva.

On the last night of her life, a drugged Hunter shows up to Jahil's apartment after Simone and Star get their revenge on him, where Eva is all alone and the two have sex. Shortly after, a hitman breaks into the apartment while the two are having sex in the bedroom and shoots them both multiple times, killing them both.


  • It is unknown whether "Eva" is her real name due to the fact that Jahil gave the girl a fake ID so that she could start a new life after he saved her from the trafficking ring.
  • When Jahil first gives Eva her fake ID, the name printed on it is Eva Rodriguez. However, it is revealed during a news coverage on her and Hunter's murders in season two, that her last name is Resendez.
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