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Damn girl you got a way with words!
Gigi to Alex in It Ain't Over


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Ayanna trying to get Gigi to sign to Midtown Sound.

Gigi was first seen on TV complaining about the record label she was currently at. Ayanna Floyd sees this, and tells Andy to make sure that she's at the record label party she was having to impress her father.

She is seen at the party that Ayanna is throwing, and Ayanna is trying to give the top notch care so that Gigi will sign with Midtown Sound. Gigi says that everybody gives artists when they're trying to sign them.


She is seen enjoying the song that Take 3 is singing, and wants to meet them after thei performance. Her and Alex hit it off immdediently, and the group helps Ayanna sign Gigi.



She is first seen at a modeling shoot, when Alex comes to ask her a favor. Alex asks Gigi is she can hook Take Three up with Joyce Sheree, and Gigi says that she can but that they aren't talking because Joyce stole her manager. They then start talking about men and music, where Gigi says that people can have her hand me down men, but they can't have her music. She then says it's "hot as hell" and tells Alex that she'll see her later.


Gigi throws a pool party, in which she invites Alex. she and Alex then start talking about Derek and Gigi tells her that it must be hard. Noah then jumps into the pool, and takes lots of selfies with Alex, until GiGi notices that he is naked down her and Alex leave the pool.


She tells Noah and Alex that they should pretend to date as a publicity stunt because if they make black twitter happy, they'll make Ayanna happy.



While Noah and Alex are rehearsing for the showcase, Gigi walks in and jokes aboout how someone is going to get pregnant after they finish. When Noah leaves, Gigi asks Alex when did she and Noah became a real thing, and she tells GiGi about the kiss. Gigi nods her head in like she understands.

GiGi standing in the doorway

Gigi comes in the room when Alex is talking to Derek. Alex introduces her, and Gigi calls him "FOINE!". When she is walking to leave, she dances behind Derek and laughs with Alex.