Hunter Morgan is a reccuring character in the new Fox series STAR.


He's Jahil's godson and a young NFL star, but has secretly been using banned substances to prolong his career. He is very close with his mother Arlene.

Season 1 Hunter is first seen when Jahil tells him about Star, Simone, and Alex performing at Hunter's house party. He pursues Star for a few episodes until she finally gives him a chance. Hunter is shown as a nice guy for a while and he even gives Star his credit card so she can purchase costumes for the Atlanta Nextfest competition but once he finds out how much she spent he quickly gets angry.


  • It is revealed in "Black Wherever I Go" that Hunter uses PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs)
  • In "Mama's Boy" Hunter slaps Star for the first time.
  • In "Show Time" he is mistaken for Jahil and is shot while he was sleeping with Eva.
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