Who? Me?
Jay to Carlotta about Star in The Winner Takes It All

Jay Holland was a minor character on the television series STAR on Fox. He was portrayed by Mike Epps.


The Winner Takes It All

Jay only appears in the episode The Winner Takes It All, and first appears when Star gets up from the bed, and asks him about getting Take Three with some better producers, releasing an album, and getting a tour. He says that he will get to it, and is not seen until later in the episode when Carlotta confronts him. He tells her that Star hand delivered him the music the night before, and says that she if very talented. Carlotta says that she bets she is and he gets defensive and says he doesn't do that. He then says that none of their songs were hits, and if they can get a hit before a label meeting then he will consider it. When the girls are prepared to perform a new song for him later on, he reveals that he went in the board meeting and got fired, and warns them to watch out for Ayanna.

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