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Karen to Simone and Angelin A House Divided

Karen Williams was a minor character in the television show STAR on Fox. She was portrayed by Imani Lewis.


Karen's mother had her when she was 14, and they were described to have a relationship like "sisters". However, Karen's mom became addicted to heavy drugs and Karen had to start making money by stealing and boosting. This is how she met her best friend Dee, who she said was her family. They later both ended up in juvie.


The Winner Takes It All

Karen eyeing Simone's shoes.

In The Winner Takes It All, as Simone is seen walking out of her room, Karen, Dee, and another girl are seen looking at her and her shoes skeptically. She only appears in this episode one other time in a later part. She, along with Dee enter Simone's room, their ultimate goal being to take her shoes. Dee starts out saying that she knows who she is and that she likes her shoes. Karen responds to this by saying "Come up off them" in which Simone responds saying she doesn't have to give them anything. Karen then pulls out a knife and asks Simone if she wants to be like Zendaya. Simone, upon seeing the knife realizes that she has no choice but to give Dee and Karen her shoes. After they get the shoes, Dee and Karen proceed to exit her room.


Karen defending Simone.

In Insecure Karen is first seen during a group therapy session at the juvenile detention center. After Dee almost gets in a fight with another girl, she starts to question why "Superstar" never shares. Dee then says that Simone doesn't have any problems and makes fun of her for "having a white sister named Star". Karen can see how Simone is hurt by this and tells Dee to "chill", Dee accuses Karen of switching sides and Karen responds that Dee is doing a lot that isn't necessary, in which Dee takes that as Karen calling her out. Karen then asks Dee why would she call her out and Dee responds angrily saying, that Karen is switching up on her.

Karen and Dee about to fight

They then proceed to stand up and come at each other until Dee throws the first punch and hits Karen in the face. Karen charges at Dee, but Dee easily pushes her off and throws her to the ground. Dee gets on her and Karen tells her to get off, but Dee, still on her, tells her that she thought she had her back. The police then come in and pull Dee off of Karen. After the fight, Simone is getting ready to sign out and sees Karen on a bench on her phone. Simone tells her "thank you" for standing up for her in which Karen responds "what". Simone says that she knows that Karen and Dee are friends and thanks her for what she did. Karen responds by saying that Dee is her friend and the only reason she stood up for Simone is because she didn't feel like watching her "punk ass" cry. She also tells her to leave with her perfect ass life, as she gets up and walks away.

Karen hugging Dee after her death.

She is seen last when Simone finds Dee hanging in her doorway and screams for help. Karen comes up from behind Simone slowly and walks toward Dee. She hugs Dee's legs and starts to sob.

FUA...Good Night!

In FUA...Good Night! Karen is first seen telling Simone that all doors are supposed to be opened since Dee killed herself. Simone tells her that she's sorry for what happened and knew that Dee was her friend. Karen whips back around and asks if Simone is trying to bond with her just because Dee is dead. She says that she doesn't need her sympathy and that she's good. The next time she is seen in this episode is when Simone arrives, only to find Karen in her room.

Karen being comforted by Simone

When Karen sees Simone's reaction she says that she didn't ask for a room change and that they just stuck here there. Simone then walks into their room, and sees a bunch of pills beside Karen. She proceeds to put the pills in side a garbage bag and asks if they're having a party. She follows by saying that the last thing she needs is for her roommate to O'D on some pills and asks how many did she take. Karen responds none and Simone sits on the bed right next to her, responding "ok". Karen starts to tell Simone that Dee was supposed to wait for her so that they could take the pills and kill themselves together, and tells Simone that she didn't make it. Simone responds by telling her that she did make it and that she's not alone. Karen starts to cry and Simone puts her arm around her, pulling Karen closer and allowing Karen to cry on her shoulder.

It Ain't Over

In It Ain't Over Simone is watching Karen sleep, and when Karen catches her, she asks what is wrong with her and why is she watching her sleep. Simone responds with nothing and that she jut wanted to make sure Karen was ok. Karen says that the night before didn't mean anything and to not report her because she's not going to do anything. Simone tries to relate to Karen by talking about her mother and Karen says that she doesn't need her pity. To get her away, Karen asks her if she has a party to get to and Simone leaves.

Karen watching Take Three perform.

Karen is next seen enjoying the song Star, Alex and Simone were singing at the Midtown Sound Party. After the performance, Karen catches Simone's eye and Simone excuses herself from Star and Alex. Simone approaches Karen and asks her if she's out of her damn mind and asks what she's doing there. Karen responds by saying that Simone looks fly and Simone says that they need to go before the cops send out for Karen. Karen says that she didn't skip out just to go back empty, and that she came to do some dirt and pull one out for Dee because she's not getting a real funeral anyway. She then says that Simone wouldn't understand because shes not like them. Karen picks up her stuff to leave and Simone follows her, telling her to wait up.

"Dam girl, you look fly."

She is not seen until later in the episode where she and Simone are seen in a well lit alleyway. Simone says that she can't believe that Karen stole that bottle and Karen says "I borrowed it while that dork was staring at your butt". Simone tells her to shut up playfully and tells her that he wasn't staring at her butt. A drunk Karen slurs "yes he was" and Simone says that she wouldn't be surprised if he was staring at both of their butts because he looked like a jacked up version of R. Kelly. Simone then asks Karen why she calls her superstar, and Karen says that they just left a fancy party at a record label and tell Simone that she is about to blow up. Simone responds by saying that she ain't no star and that she's about to get in trouble just like Karen for missing curfew. Karen responds by saying that they're juvies and they're just throwaways. Simone responds by asking how she ended up in there and aren't tells her about how her mom had her at 14 and that when her mom became an addict she had to make money by boosting and stealing and that was how she met Dee, and how they were like family. Simone asks if she knew her dad in which Karen responded no, and asks Simone what about her. Simone says that she has a kind of stepdad, Brody, but that he didn't tell her that he was going to be there in which Karen responds "sorry".

Karen and Simone almost kiss.

Simone says that she feels likes she's invisible sometimes and then tells Karen that maybe she could be her family. Karen smiles and calls her corny and Simone responds that she's so drunk and that it just hit her. Karen responds really and pulls Simone's hair back. They start leaning toward each other for a kiss, but then Carlotta pulls up.

May The Best Manager Win

In May The Best Manager Win, a police officer bangs on the door to Simone and Karen's room, and tells Karen to pack her stuff. Karen responds "why", while Simone asks almost immediately afterwards why she is bothering them. The guard places a large tub on Karen's bed and tells them to stop asking questions and tells Karen to move. Karen throws the tub on the ground and hops down off her bed. She stands in front of the guard and when the guard tries to grab her, Karen snatches away. Simone tells the guard to keep her hands off of her, and the guard completely disregards Simone's comment and grabs Karen again. This time she gets a good grip on her and pulls her out of the door. Simone is quick to grab her other arm, and tries to pull Karen back into the room. However, she eventually lets go and Karen is taken out of the room. Karen isn't seen again until later in the episode where Simone comes into their room, only to see Karen packing her stuff into the tub. Simone asks her what she is doing and Karen says that they are transferring her. When Simone asks if they are transferring her to a different room, she says that they are transferring her to a place with higher security. Simone responds by "just for missing curfew?" and aren tells her she's in there for real and that they own her.

Simone and Karen share a kiss before Karen leaves.

Simone asks when is she leaving and Karen responds now. Simone tells Karen that there's gotta be someone who can help them and Karen asks her who. She continues saying that nobody cares where she's at and that she doesn't have people like Simone. She also says that Simone probably wont even remember her. Simone looks at her, walks to her and kisses her. After the kiss, Simone says that she'll remember that and Karen smiles and leaves.

A House Divided

In A House Divided right before Angel and Simone share a kiss, she comes from behind them and says "What's going on superstar?".


In Climax, Simone walks through the door of a studio booth and smiles when she sees Karen. Karen, who is reading a magazine, puts it down and smiles when she sees Simone. Simone asks if anyone has come looking for her yet and Karen says no. Simone tells her that she might not be able to let Karen sleep in the room again and Karen says that she'll be fine and she knew this would happen when she bounced from the last place and Simone asks if that was her plan.

Simone and Karen share a kiss.

Karen responds by saying that she just wants to change her life and Simone says that's what she is trying to do too, and that if they win the showcase tomorrow, that she wants to start over. Karen tells her that she is lucky, and Simone responds by saying that they haven't won yet. Karen tells her that she has no idea how far she really is and calls her superstar, ans Simone smiles and leans toward her and they passionately kiss. Simone abruptly pulls away and says that if they win the showcase that she will take Karen with her on tour, because there is no reason Karen should be homeless when she has her. She tells her that she can stay at the salon because nobody will be there. Karen asks her if she's sure and Simone cups Karen's face and says she'll be safe there. They then kiss again. Later in the episode, Carlotta's house sets on fire and it is unknown whether or not Karen is in the house at the time of the fire, or if she's the person who died inside of it.

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Simone Davis: Broken Up (see Simone- Karen Relationship)

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