Let The Good Times Roll is the fifteenth episode of Season 2. It aired on May 2nd.


  • Rose Crane will return in this episode.
  • Ayanna returns to Midtown as the head of the label again.
  • Angel is considering having sex with Simone but thinks that it will be her first time, seeing as she doesn't want to tell him about Otis in fear that he'll see her as broken.
  • Cotton meets her son, Jayden, who doesn't know about her sex change.
  • It is revealed that Star never went to high school.
  • Rose reveals that she is divorcing Alex's father because he cheated on her and a sex tape was made.
  • Derek starts using crutches.
  • It is revealed that Gigi was sexually assaulted by Charles Floyd.
  • Star and Jackson Ellis have sex.
  • It is revealed that Noah's father is gay and left his mother and him for a man after Andy blurts it out and the two engage in a fight.
  • Cotton tells Jayden that she's his dad.
  • Simone and Angel have another argument, but this one is serious. When Angel tries talking to Simone, she tries changing the topic and tries to leave. When he grabs her wrist, Simone has flashbacks of Otis and slaps Angel, causing the police to come see what happened. After a cop realizes that Angel's last name is Rivera, they zip tie his hands behind his back and do a background check. When the cops leave, Simone tries apologizing and Angel pushes her away, saying that if the police were working for ICE, she'd never see him again and he asks Simone if she truly wants to be with him (because Andy made him think that she was only truly interested in girls ). When she doesn't respond, due to shock and how fast everything is happening, he leaves without knowing her true feelings, as she tearfully watches.
  • Carlotta sees Maurice and Natalie kiss.
  • Ms. Bruce performs at a drag ball.
  • Rose gets drunk and tries to come on to Noah and Alex tells her to leave.
  • Derek decides to move out of his grandmother's house after he discovers that she used the money from his settlement check to buy things.
  • Gigi and Simone have a heart-to-heart when talking about how they were sexually assaulted.
  • Noah begins drinking again after Alex wins the sponsorship that was originally meant for him.
  • Carlotta reveals to Maurice that she knows that Natalie has been receiving kickbacks and that's how she had money for the stuff she used for the tour, and she breaks up with Maurice, punching him in the face.
  • Jayden has a seizure.

Featured Songs

  • Dance With My Father
  • The Boss
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