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Do you know why I named you Star?
Mary to Star in a flashback in Infamous

Mary Davis is a recurring character in the television show, STAR on Fox. She is portrayed by Caroline Vreeland.


The only thing we really know about Mary's past is that she had a daughter named Star with her boyfriend Brody Dean, and that she had her daughter Simone with an unnamed black man. She was also in the group Mixed Harmony with Carlotta Brown, who was also her best friend.


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In Pilot, her body is seen in a body bag in a flashback.

Next of Kin

In Next of Kin, she is seen singing the song "Come On Back To Me" to get Simone to pass over to her

New Voices

In New Voices, Simone finds a tape of mary singing the original version of "Unlove You" on video. Carlotta falshes back to that day, and catches Mary and Jahil flirting.


In Alibi, she is seen when Carlotta flashes back to going to jail. Mary is first seen visiting Carlotta while she was in jail, and asking her why she participated in armed robbery. Carlotta reveals that she was pregnant and needed an abortion. After Carlotta gives birth to the baby, he was given to Mary, who then took care of him until Carlotta got out of jail.

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A House Divided

In A House Divided, Mary is seen singing "Unlove You" with her daughter Star