Mrs. Rivera is the seventeenth episode of Season 2


While attending an important event together, Alex ditches Noah when he needs her the most to mingle with DJ Dash. Meanwhile, Jahil revisits his love for Carlotta; Simone and Angel consider fleeing town after receiving a discouraging letter from immigration; Cassie's heated relationship with Andy is at odds; and Cotton's son Jayden finds an unlikely savior.


  • Simone quits Take 3.
  • Angel's middle name and birthday are revealed.
  • Jahil gets shot from saving Andy from the bullet.
  • Simone and Angel consider running away.
  • Jahil and Carlotta revisit their love for each other.
  • Star records a diss track.
  • Jahil and Carlotta are married.
  • It is shown that Carlotta was imagining that Jahil was ok, seeing as he was in the hospital having surgery the whole time.
  • Jahil dies because his heart couldn’t withstand the surgery and he was a match for Jayden’s kidney.
  • Derek and Alex talk.
  • Ayanna is pregnant with Jahil’s unborn child.
  • It is revealed that Cassie was responsible for Jahil’s death because she knew that Andy stole her money and she threatens him, saying that if he doesn’t pay her back, she’ll make sure that the shooters don’t miss.
  • Take 3 stops fighting and Simone rejoins the group.
  • Angel gets taken away by ICE at Jahil’s funeral as Simone screams his name and breaks down into tears, saying that she can’t do “this” anymore.

Featured Songs

  • There For You
  • Soon and Very Soon
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