No! Stop talking about me like I'm not even here.
Simone to Star and Carlotta in Next of Kin

Next of Kin is the third episode of the new Fox series STAR.


While Alexandra and Star set up a deal with producer Big Boi to record their first single, Carlotta and Cotton watch over Simone while she recovers in the hospital. After Star learns about her sister's condition, as well as the hospital's advice to have Simone treated as a suicide risk, she argues with them and Carlotta about what's best for her. Jahil discovers that the "deal" he's been assigned to work on is actually part of a human trafficking ring, and he ends up freeing the girls out of guilt. Star and Alexandra fake a robbery at Carlotta's salon to distract her, giving them time to break into the hospital, grab Simone, and bring her to Boi's studio for recording. When she figures out what's going on, however, an argument breaks out and Boi walks away from the deal. With only two hours left to record, the girls set up an improvised studio in the hospital showers with Jahil's help. Unbeknownst to them, Simone's foster father, who survived the attempt on his life, has managed to track her to Atlanta.[1]



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