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Nalex (Noah/Alexandra) is the relationship between Noah Brooks and Alexandra Crane on the television show STAR on Fox. It began in Season 2.

In the episode Ghetto Symphony, Alex and Noah share their first kiss but agree to keep it platonic, due to Alex's relationship with Derek Jones.

In the episode Climax, Alex and Noah kiss on stage, which Derek sees and is concerned by. Once backstage, Alex berates Noah, telling him that they cannot act this way just because it is what the label wants them to do. Noah fires back, telling Alex that it can't just be on him. Alex then kisses Noah again; they very nearly have sex, but Alex says that they cannot do it there, and Derek rolls in, telling Alex to sleep somewhere else that night before leaving, leaving Alex hurt and confused.

In the episode Forward (E)Motion, Noah comes upon Alex drinking in Jahil Rivera's RV, still parked in Carlotta Brown's driveway. Noah tries to make light of the situation by calling Alex "bougie", and Alex confesses that Noah was not the only one on the stage that night, and that he was right about her supposed feelings for him. She also says that when someone is bougie that they know exactly what they want, leading them to share a kiss. Later, Alex and Noah prepare to sleep together, and they stop several times, just to make sure that they are on the same page. Alex stops Noah twice: the first time to make sure that Noah has protection, which he says he does. The next time, Noah stops them, asking if Alex wants "to do this", and Alex tells him that she does. The final time, Alex tells Noah that she doesn't want to keep it a secret, and Noah, pleased, says that they'll tell everyone. The following morning, Alex tells Star Davis, who appears livid at the situation, for she was once a rival for Noah's affections, leaving their plot in a cliffhanger.

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