Now, I don't know who got you twisted, but I want you to hear me right now: I am not the one.
Noah to Star in FUA...Good Night!

Noah Brooks is a main character on the television show STAR on Fox. He is portrayed by Luke James.


Noah Brooks is the son of Bobby Brooks and Dianne Brooks. He is the father of  Davis Brooks with whom he shares with his fling: Star Davis.

A formerly top-selling R & B artist at Gravity Records looking to make a much-needed comeback after his career collapsed due to alcoholism. He is a charming sweet talker with an ambitious streak, and strikes up a relationship with Star first of all, at first for promotion, but gradually evolves into an affair. By the third season, he seems to have largely conquered his addictions after a suicide attempt and is working to take more control over his career.


The Winner Takes It All

Noah is first introduced into the series when Star tries to get Noah to produce a song on Take 3's album.Take

Noah exits rehab and continues to find something to keep his career alive. In Zion, it was revealed that Noah is the father of Davis. Later in that episode Noah is injured in a car accident. In Watch The Throne, Noah starts to take pills for his back injury, which results to his falling out and leaving Davis in the house with a live fire. When Star returns in Lean On Me, she finds out about the incident and tells Noah that he'll never see Davis again. Noah continues to rehabilitate with the help of his father Bobby Brooks and Miss Bruce. Noah pushes to regain Star's trust, but she refuses.


Lucky Keys : Lucky is Noah's deceased best friend who met briefly in the May The Best Manager Win episode when he first came to visit Noah and meet Star . Noah considered Lucky as a brother.

Star Davis : Star is Noah's fling, to close friend / confidant, and the mother of his son, Davis .

{Star-Noah Relationship}

Alex Crane : Alex is Noah's ex-girlfriend and friend.

{Noah- Alex Relationship}

Megan Jetter : Megan is Noah's ex-girlfriend.

Simone Davis: Simone is Noah's frenemy and the half-aunt to his son, Davis. Noah and Simone have a complicated love/hate relationship due to the fact that Noah was messing with both Star and Alex at the same time and had feelings for both. With Star in jail in season three, the two of them decided to move into her house to take care of Davis and their friendship is starting to look up.

Derek Jones: Derek is Noah's friend. Derek and Noah have a complicated history due to the fact that Alex cheated on Derek with Noah in Season 2. In Season 3, Derek and Noah rarely talk due to the fact that Noah had a relationship with Alex then went back to Derek. In Roots and Wings, Alex almost kisses Noah but he pulls away before it could happen and tells her he's happy where he is in life but Derek spots them while he's at the bar and when Noah is on his way to the restroom, Derek tries to fight Noah and Noah accidentally pulls a gun on Derek but Noah talks Derek down from the fight and tells him to give Alex time. In When Stars Fall, Derek, and Noah's friendship has seemed to improve since last time with Derek congratulating Noah on the birth of Davis and them having a conversation and bonding a little.

Carlotta Brown: Carlotta is Noah's former manager and mother like figure.

Miss Bruce: Noah's friend and confidant

Bobby Brooks: Noah's Father

Dianne Brooks: Noah's Mother



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