Tell you what. Kiss from lil mama and you got yourself a deal.
Rachel to Star about Simone in Insecure

Rachel is a minor character on the television show STAR on Fox. She is portrayed by Paris Jackson.


Saving Face

Rachel's very first appearance is in Saving Face, when she is seen doing an social media op for Take Three.


In Insecure, after Take Three shot their music video to catch Ayanna's attention, she is seen while Alex and Star are trying to convince her to put up their music video. She asks why they need her help and Star replies that nothing gets big unless it goes by Atlanta's biggest social media queen, in which Rachel says that she tries. Simone then walks up and asks Rachel if she is going to post their video on their website. Rachel then takes a nice long look at Simone and turns to Star. She says that all she wants is a kiss from "lil mama" and she will put the video on her website. Star asks he if all she wants is a kiss, and then tells her to come to where she is so that she can prepare to kiss her. Rachel tells Star that she was talking about Simone, in which Simone is surprised. She kisses her with no problem, and Rachel tells the girls that they have themselves a deal.

It Ain't Over

After Ayanna calls Take Three to see the hair and makeup, Rachel is seen standing next to Ayanna criticizing the outfits, and when Alex asks Ayanna what Rachel is doing there, Ayanna reveals that Rachel is the new social media strategist at Midtown, and that she's going to help her pick the right artists for the event. Rachel asks what the narrative is by calling Star a murder victim's girlfriend, Alex a rock star's daughter and calls Simone a foster care reject. She then tells Ayanna that she doesn't think that this is what she wants at her label, or for her. She then gives Simone a flirty look and looks her up and down. When Star tries to stick up for her group, Rachel calls her a cliche white trash wannabe diva and Star says "nope", chokes her, and throws her onto a table. While she is on the ground Star chokes her again until Carlotta pulls her off. Rachel is later seen at the label party with a neck brace on.

A House Divided

In A House Divided Rachel is seen briefly at a coffee shop where Noah and Alex are. She tries to capitalize on their fake relationship by taking pictures of them doing relationship things. Noah asks her to leave them alone, and when she tries to argue, Noah asks if she learned anything from Star "chocking her out". She holds her hands up in defeat, and when Alex asks her for a moment, she sits at some nearby chairs talking to the camera man. When Alex calls her back, Rachel responds that Noah and Alex need to look more cuter and sexier.

Appearences (4/21)

Season 1 (1/12)

Season 2 (3/9)

  • Insecure
  • It Ain't Over
  • A House Divided
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