Star: I did not sleep with him but I am a whore.

Alex: A thirsty whore

Stalex (Sta/Alex) is the friendship between Star Davis and Alexandra Crane that started in Season One on the television show STAR on Fox.


They met sometime before Pilot.

In Pilot, Alex gives up her entire life to be in a group with Star.

In The Devil You Know, Star forgives Alex for lying about her parents, and Alex forgives Star for almost sleeping with her dad.

In Next of Kin, Star and Alex go clubbing together. They both wait at the hospital for Simone.

In Code of Silence, Star trusts Alex with Simone, and Alex keeps Star's secret of her attempt to murder Otis.

In Black Wherever I Go, Alex forgives Star for stealing her lead, and even asks her to sing at the rally with her.

In Mama's Boy, Star worries about Alex after finding out that she had been in prison.

In Alibi, Alex waits with Star for news about Simone.

In Boy Trouble, Alex, along with Simone, accept Star's opinion of letting Eva perform with them.

In Saving Face, Star worries about Alex being in the hospital. When Alex tells Star that she is pregnant, Star supports her.

In Showtime, Star and Alex, along with Simone rejoice when they found out that they won Atlanta Next Fest.

In The Winner Takes It All, Star worries about Alex moving in with Derek, because she knows what a big deal it is. She is also concerned because Alex won't talk about the "miscarriage" that she had. They latter go out clubbing that night.

In Insecure, Alex goes along with Star's plan to make a music video.

In FUA...Good Night!, Star is seen asking Alex how things are really going between her and Derek, and tries to focus her.

In It Ain't Over, Alex goes along with Star wanting to break in and perform at the Midtown Sound party.

In Ghetto Symphony, Star and Alex try to fix the tension between them caused by Noah.

In A House Divided, the tensions between Star and Alex rise as the showcase date nears.


  • They are a major friendship on STAR.
  • Star and Alex first met on Instagram sometime before Pilot.
  • They are in the group Take Three together.
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