"You're always trying to check me" Noah to Star

"You always need to be checked" Star to Noah

—Star and Noah's conversation in Let The Good Times Roll


Stoah ( Star / Noah ) is the relationship and friendship between Star Davis and Noah Brooks on the television show STAR on Fox. It began in Season 2.


in Season Two, Star Davis and Noah Brooks first met in a nightclub when Star tries to get Noah to produce a song on Take 3's album in The Winner Takes It All. In Insecure Noah signs to Gravity Records (Then known as Midtown Sound). After Star sings Little Bird for Noah at the end of this episode, this begins their flirtation with each other. In FUA...Good Night! Noah and Star causally flirt throughout this episode but when Take 3 pulls a stunt during his performance on TV, Noah blows up on Star about his career not being a joke and storms off. Star later finds Noah in the studio dance practicing and goes to kind of apologize which Star ends up kissing Noah, among other things and Noah first gives Star the nickname, Stunt.

It was revealed in Zion that Star's unborn child, a son, was actually a product of Star and Noah whilst the pair were on tour. Jackson Ellis, Star's then-boyfriend, was devastated by this turn of events and broke up with Star, while Noah felt an instant connection to the child, and wanted to be a father. Star and Noah will likely be seen co-parenting their son, Davis.

Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

  • StartedIt Ain't Over 
  • EndedClimax 
  • Reason: Star never got to tell Noah her feelings for him and found out Noah had feelings for Alex.

Second Relationship:

Music in Stoah Scenes

  • ''Bodak Yellow" by Cardi B (played when Noah and Star first met in the nightclub in The Winner Takes It All)
  • ''Little Bird" by Star Davis (sung when Star and Noah were in the studio together in Insecure)
  • ''Pull Up" by Noah Brooks (played when Star visited Noah in the dance studio in FUA... Good Night!)
  • "LOVE." by Kendrick Lamar (played when Noah and Star shared their first kiss among other things in FUA...Good Night!)
  • "So Sick" by Noah Brooks (played when Star and Noah had sex for the first time in It Ain't Over)
  • "Unlove You" by Mary Davis (played at the end of Star and Noah sex scene in It Ain't Over)
  • "While We're Young" by Jhené Aiko (played when Noah and Star hooks up in the studio in May The Best Manager Win)
  • "1-800-273-8255" by Logic (played while Star was comforting Noah after Lucky was shot in May The Best Manager Win)
  • "Japanese Denim" by Daniel Caesar (played when Star and Noah were having an intimate moment in the studio in Ghetto Symphony)
  • "So Sick" by Noah Brooks (played when Star helps Noah figure out what the song needs and when Star figures out that Noah has feelings for Alex in Climax)
  • "Bossy" by Gigi Nixon (performed by Gigi in Star's illusion where she was with Noah in Rise From The Ashes)
  • "Where I Wanna Be" by Noah Brooks (performed for both Star and Alex, where Noah was singing about his feelings for both in Rise From The Ashes)
  • "Dance With My Father" by Noah Brooks (performed by Noah when Star forces him to go to a gay bar and get his feelings out about his dad in Let The Good Times Roll)
  • "Circles" by Pineo & Loeb (played while Star and Noah are talking after his performance in Let The Good Times Roll)
  • "Aim x Shoot" by Noah Brooks & Star Davis (Star took over onstage and sang with Noah in place of Alex in Take It Or Leave It)
  • "There For You" by Star Davis (Diss towards Simone, Alex & Star's relationship with Noah in Mrs. Rivera)
  • "Rockstar" by Post Malone (played while Star confronts Noah about drinking and drug use in Thirty Days To Famous)
  • "There For You" by Star Davis (played while Star practices for the European tour and Noah first comes home from rehab and talks to Star in Secrets & Lies)
  • "Madonna" by Take 3 (played when Noah finds Star in the studio and asks her if he's the father of the baby in Who's the Daddy)
  • "Breathless" by Star Davis & Noah Brooks (Produced by Jackson Ellis, Noah and Star's duet, recorded at the house of Jackson Ellis in Ante Up)
  • "Unlove You" by Mary Davis (played when Star gives birth to her baby boy and the father turns out to be Noah in Zion)
  • "Silent Night" by Ruby Jones (sung while Noah is on the way to the hospital to see Star & Davis in Zion)


  • Noah wanted to be in a public relationship with Star and wanted her to open up to him.
  • Noah is the second guy who Star has been romantically involved with.
  • Star had feelings for Noah also but she was scared to open herself up because of her relationship with Hunter Morgan and she wanted to be known for her music
  • Star was there with Noah when his best friend, Lucky was shot and killed.
  • Star and Noah share a son together, Davis Brooks
  • They both have issues with their parents and scared of turning out like them.


  • Noah [when Star walks into the dance studio]: What up, Stunt?
  • Star: Maybe you're right, maybe I do pull stunts for attention

Memorable Places/Items

  • The Studio


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