Take It Or Leave It is the the sixteenth episode of Season 2.


Tired of sitting on the sidelines, Star seizes an opportunity to stand out. Meanwhile, Maurice is presented with a task to help redeem himself, but is faced with an ultimatum that may cause even more drama for the Midtown Sound artists. Then, Andy and Angel clash with Jahil, and Cotton is put in a tough situation to help someone she loves.


  • Ayanna fires Natalie and Maurice saves his job by saying that he'll sign a solo artist for Midtown.
  • After Ayanna takes them out of the television appearance, Angel and Andy split up their duo to get out of a contract with Jahil.
  • It is revealed that Andy and Cassie are in a relationship. When Andy tells Cassie that he needs money, she gives him some and asks him to do jobs for her.
  • Jayden, Cotton's son, needs a kidney transplant.
  • Carlotta discovers that Noah has started drinking again.
  • Maurice reveals that he knows what happened with Star and her mother.
  • Star gets on stage with Noah and they perform "AimxShoot". Alex then slaps her and calls her garbage.
  • Andy confronts Cassie for making him her drug mule and she gives him more money. Andy then steals $15 thousand from her.
  • Simone opens up to Angel about Otis and Angel tells her that he loves her.
  • Noah gets a second chance to prove himself but Ayanna tells him to keep doing what he's doing, which was drinking.
  • Simone tells Angel that she is ready to have sex, but their moment is cut short when Angel receives a letter from Immigration saying that his DACA application was denied and he has to go to court.
  • Alex asks Jackson to give her his new song in retaliation for what Star did.
  • Maurice may sign Star as a solo artist after failing to convince Alex to go solo.

Cassie shoots and kills the man she sold drugs to because she thought he shorted her money

Featured Songs

  • Issa Photoshoot
  • AimxShoot
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