The Devil You Know is the second episode of the new Fox series STAR.


Alexandra's parents show up to bring her back home, straining her relationship with Star, who feels both betrayed and angered by her reluctance to exploit her connections to help their careers. Simone, struggling to forget her memories of abuse, becomes increasingly addicted to prescription medications. As Alexandra wrestles with whether or not to turn her back on the others, Star visits her father Roland and tries to get him to sleep with her despite being underage. However, she decides not to do so after nearly getting caught by Alexandra's snobbish mother, Rose. Unable to persuade his family to loan him more money, Jahil turns to an old friend, who agrees to let him take part in her smuggling operation. As Alexandra and Star patch things up by practicing for an upcoming music festival, Simone makes her debut in Carlotta's choir, only to collapse from drug-related complications after her performance.[1]


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