Thirty Days To Famous is the finale episode of Season 2.


When egos clash, Take 3's future as a group is at risk. Noah's continued substance use jeopardizes his relationships with the people who care about him most and Simone and Angel's relationship faces the biggest test yet. Meanwhile, Ayanna undergoes a major life change and Cassie and Carlotta's sibling feud comes to a head.


  • After hearing Star's diss track, Alex and Star engage in a fight.
  • Carlotta confronts Noah about his drinking and he fires her.
  • Star tells Simone that she killed their mother, but Simone doesn't get mad, seeing as Star was just a kid. When Star says that she can still see Mary dying, Simone tells her to let it go and that it's a choice to be broken.
  • Cotton tells her mother that Omari killed Jahil and Cassie, trying to cover that it was her, says that she'll take care of Omari and that Cotton and Jayden need to leave Atlanta.
  • Angel tells Simone that his court hearing has moved up and that he's being deported. He then tells her that his lawyer is going to help them get an annulment, to which Simone asks tearfully what he's doing. He tells her he loves her and leaves, while Simone breaks down in tears.
  • Alex breaks up with Noah because of his drinking.
  • After the crowd cheers "Y'all know me"(a line from Star's diss track), Alex and Star have another fight, jeopardizing Take 3's chances of performing on tour. Maurice then pushes Star as a solo artist on the tour and Simone disowns her.
  • Noah begins snorting cocaine to help him after Gigi gives him some.
  • Alex tells Derek that she is going to New York to ask her father why he's messed up.
  • After Cassie threatens to kill his parents, Andy trys forging Ayanna's signature to get money to pay her back. Ayanna sees the gun that Andy has in the drawer, the two fight for the gun and Andy accidentally shoots her.
  • Ayanna tells Carlotta that she's pregnant with Jahil's child.
  • Andy tells Carlotta that Cassie killed Jahil.
  • Charles Floyd is replaced by Ayanna as the new CEO of Floyd Entertainment and Carlotta becomes the new Head of Midtown Sound and she fires Maurice.
  • Star performs on tour as a solo act and she has flashbacks of being with Simone and Alex, even imagines them on stage with her, realizing that it's lonely at the top.
  • Simone is leaving Atlanta to be with Angel in the Dominican Republic.
  • Alex goes to the airport to leave and Derek tries chasing after her.
  • There is a plane crash and it is unknown was on the plane.
  • After Star tells Noah that he's just an addict, he stands over a balcony and it is unknown if he jumps.
  • Carlotta reveals that she put Cotton on a plane to New York so she could start her job at Floyd Styles.
  • Cassie and Carlotta point guns at each other when Carlotta shows that she knows that Cassie killed Jahil, and it is unknown who shot first.

Featured Songs

  • All The Way Up Here
  • Out Here Touchin'
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