When The Levee Breaks is the 18th and finale episode of Season 3 of the Fox series, "Star."


The ASAs finally arrive and Take 3 fights Amber Drake (guest star Erika Tham) for the top spot. Alex prepares for her wedding, but someone from her past returns to wreak havoc on her big day. Meanwhile, Star finally makes a decision about Davis, Carlotta continues to mend things with Rashad (guest star Major) and the season ends with a bang


  • Grandma Ruby returns
  • Olivia Returns

Featured Songs

  • This & That
  • What It Do


Guest Cast:

Evan Ross as Angel Rivera

Major as Rashad

Harold Perrineau as Bobby Brooks

Kimberly Elise as Dianne

Kosine as Lil Dini

Kayla Smith as Olivia

Erika Tham as Amber

Juanita Jennings as Grandma Ruby

Fred Hammond as Minister

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